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Helping Aid was established in April 2020, by a group of local individuals,  who were concerned about the dire situation caused by the COVID - 19 pandemic and its adverse impact upon the local BAMER community. This concern materialized into into positive action by forming a working group who took immediate steps to begin the process of registering Helping Aid as a charity and also supplying food parcels and other household items to the local BAMER communities. For further information on our past and current projects please see below.



Education & Youth Services 

Helping Aid recently held a youth program on the premises of New Horizon Community School. Social distancing was implemented and adhered to. Core British Values were incorporated into the selection of activities through discussions, debate and understanding of where everyone fits in society that they live in and beyond. Our aim is to build on this in our forthcoming youth programs that will be delivered during the autumn term and spring term in partnership with New Horizon Community School premises.


As the schools have been closed, some BAMER households were not confident to provide home tuition. As some of our volunteers are academics, they have stated supporting parents and young people through Zoom. This has been beneficial as most BAMER communities do not understand the education system and without this remote home tuition, they would fall behind with their school work thereby causing additional difficulties for the community.

All our volunteers are trained and DBS checks have been carried out.

Activities include:

  • Extra - curricular activities & support needed for core subjects i.e. Maths, English and Science.

  • IT (Information Technology)

  • Sports (football, basketball, kick boxing)

  • Art & design

  • PSHE

  • Citizenship


Food Bank 

We started running a food bank early on for those affected by  the COVID 19 pandemic.  We  are pleased to confirm that we have been distributing food parcels early on during the COVID 19 pandemic and we are still distributing food parcels that are both cultural and dietary sensitive to the needs of the BAMER and the wider local community. Our dedicated team of trained volunteers are ready to to provide assistance. 


We make inquiries about the dietary needs of individuals prior to delivering food packs, thus ensuring that we provide food that it suitable for individuals based on their cultural and dietary needs. We are here to serve those in 

Our food bank currently operates on :


Wednesdays from 16:00 - 17:00

Saturdays from 13:00 - 14:00

Food parcels can be collected from our premises, in the event that it is not possible to collect we might be able to drop a food parcel off. Please contact us for further information.

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